Let’s Look At The Power Of Garlic And Egg Yolk One By One.

As an effect of garlic, it is only used for stamina cuisine, and when it gets tired it exerts a significant force, but this is much related to the substance called allicin contained in garlic.

Allicin, when ingested, works to improve the health benefits by combining with vitamin B1 and lipids taken in the human body in the human body.


Also, by ingesting it together with egg yolk, it is possible to strengthen human energy, so it has been said that there is the synergistic effect rather than eating garlic and egg yolk separately.


Also, eating garlic gives relaxing effect, stamina up force, beauty effect, so it is also a food loved by many from old days.Next, although it is an effect of an egg essential to living,

it is an excellent food with a good nutrition balance, but this egg yolk has lecithin, vitamin E substances, it is also an essential nutrient to maintain both human health and beauty It is.

However, as many people know that you know, if you take too many eggs, the cholesterol level will rise and cause hypertension, so it is said that up to two eggs per day are made.

Incidentally, let’s remember that rising cholesterol means not only eggs alone, but also ingesting eggs with oil will increase, so remember.

Also, if “lecithin” which can be taken by eating egg yolk is insufficient, inadvertently, such as vaguely leads to a decrease in concentration ability, so it is essential to make a new lecithin every day.

Lecithin is an essential substance when you want to concentrate on study, but you need to take it every day as it cannot be stored in your body.

In other words, because the combination of the stamina power of this garlic and the power of both egg lecithin and vitamin E can be quickly taken with a supplement called garlic egg yolk, you can see that the efficacy of garlic egg yolk is terrific I wonder if we can do it.