Health Benefits of Garlic and Nutrition.

Garlic belongs to the allium family of vegetables and shares some nutritional values with leeks and onions, which also belong to the allium family. According to food rating system chart, garlic is an excellent source of several nutrients including manganese, vitamin C, selenium, vitamin B1, calcium, phosphorous, copper, and sulfur. It is these nutrients that it possesses that makes it an extremely beneficial vegetable that has lots of health benefits in human beings. The nutrients in garlic have a wide variety of benefits in the body system including the cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine system, inflammatory system, detoxification system, and the immune system.

Below are some of the health benefits of garlic:

Garlic prevents brain diseases.

Oxidative harm by free radicals plays a role in the ageing process. Garlic is made up of vitamin antioxidant that helps the body’s defensive mechanisms against oxidative damage. High dosages of garlic dietary supplements have been proven to boost antioxidant enzymes in people and also substantially minimizes oxidative stress in people with high blood pressure. The combined effects on lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure, in addition to the antioxidant qualities, garlic can help protect against typical brain ailments like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Treatment of cold and flu.

Cold and flu are common ailments that affect people daily. Despite the stubborn nature of cold and flu, garlic helps in relieving these ailments. Taking about 2-3 cloves of unprocessed garlic daily will not only relieve you of cold and flu but also help your body build immunity against them.

Cancer prevention.

According to various studies carried on cancer patients, daily consumption of garlic is associated with the prevention of colorectal and stomach cancer. This is because garlic is believed to strengthen the body’s immunity against cancer cells.

Garlic reduces blood pressure.

Blood pressure is one of the common causes of cardiovascular diseases and according to studies, garlic has a double effect in protecting the heart by reducing by pressure levels. In fact, it is said that garlic extract of between 500 mg and 1500 mg has is just as effective as medication meant for high blood pressure treatment.

Anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial.

Garlic is probably the best-secured treasures of the olden days. It has been used as an antibiotic to cure fungal, bacterial, and parasitic infections in the ancient days. Studies have shown that garlic extract can help children infected with tapeworms. Garlic extracts can also be taken in small quantity to prevent and treat cavity-causing bacteria.

The benefits of garlic are so many that we cannot exhaust them in a single post. Others include skin and hair treatment, splinters treatment, blood purification among many other benefits. Try garlic today and experience its amazing benefits.

What Makes Garlic An Amazing Cure For Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis, the most prevalent gynaecological infection, is often characterized by a strong-smelling vaginal discharge as result of an overgrowth associated with non-peroxide-producing microorganisms. This infection is normally not sexually carried. However, regular sexual intercourse may affect the vaginal surroundings and make women of all ages much more vulnerable to developing this condition. Nearly all women pick antibiotic treatment method, but since this problem has a higher recurrence rate, a good number of women look for natural remedies.
In pursuit of the natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis, one natural plant was discovered and this was the use of garlic. For a long time, garlic has been used to treat bacterial and fungal infection. In the case of bacterial vaginosis, studies proved that garlic I way much better in treating and curing bacterial vaginosis than the pharmaceutical antibiotics. One of the most commonly used pharmaceutical antibiotics is metronidazole, but due to its several side effects, people have resolved to use garlic as a natural cure for bacterial vaginosis. But what makes garlic a better cure for bacterial vaginosis?
In this article, we are going to answer this question by giving a detailed reason why we think garlic is the best natural therapy for bacterial vaginosis. Below are a few reasons that make garlic an amazing cure for bacterial vaginosis.
The antibiotic properties of garlic.
Garlic herb is an extensive spectrum antibiotic that has the ability to eradicate numerous types of bacteria. A lot of pharmaceutical antibiotics only kill a few variety of these germs. According to Doctor Tariq Abdullah, a well-known garlic researcher, garlic has the widest spectrum compared to any other antibiotic substance that you can know. According to him, garlic is an antibacterial, antiparasitic, antiviral, antiprotozoal as well as antifungal.
This property is found in garlic component known as allicin, which is often released when you cut a fresh garlic clove. Allicin is the chemical compound that gives fresh garlic the strong flavor and you need to consume fresh garlic if you want to get a good antibiotic effect.
In the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, garlic can be taken orally or applied to the affected area for a period of time. Due to its antibiotic nature, garlic will be able to kill all the bacteria causing vaginosis and even prevent them from further attack. Commercial products and powder extracts from garlic will not work well for you, so, avoid using them and instead use fresh raw garlic.
Anti-resistant properties of garlic.
A common problem with pharmaceutical drugs used to treat bacterial vaginosis is that they enhance the development of resistant strains of the bacteria. During the first stages of taking these drugs, most bacteria causing vaginal infection are killed. However, with repeated exposure to these drugs, these bacteria develop a genet6ical resistant to the drug and as such begin to multiply and eventually become completely resistant to these antibiotic drugs.
However, research carried out on garlic showed that it does not carry such resistant strains and is effective for treating bacterial infections including bacterial vaginosis.
Garlic boosts the immune system.
Although most pharmaceutical drugs are cable of fighting bacteria causing bacterial vaginosis, they cannot help boost the body’s immune system and prevent further attacks by these bacteria. On the other hand, garlic has not only the ability to attack viruses, bacteria, or any other microorganisms directly but also has the ability to stimulate the body’s immune system and help develop a natural defense against bacteria causing vaginal infections. Garlic’s powerful and legendary ability to fight against infectious bacteria is as a result of a combination of the above-mentioned properties.
Garlic has no side effects.
This is one of the greatest advantages of using garlic to treat bacterial vaginosis. Garlic, unlike other pharmaceutical drugs, has no side effects on users. It is therefore good for use by any person without the fear of experiencing side effects such as irritation of the vagina and dizziness among others.
In conclusion, the use of garlic in the treatment of bacterial and fungal infection is an ancient method that has over the time proved to be effective than even the pharmaceutical drugs. Garlic is available naturally and can easily be obtained from the stores or vegetable markets. If you are suffering from any bacterial infections and you are looking for an effective natural remedy, don’t hesitate to buy and use garlic. It has an amazing antibiotic effect than any other drug you can find around.


Did you know that egg yolk is great for stimulating hair growth? This is because it is a great source of protein; Not for nothing, they recommend it a lot for breakfast.
Using it on your eyebrows is very simple. Simply break an egg and pour the yolk, clear, into a container where you can beat it by hand. Once it is completely shaken, use it as a mask on the eyebrows.
You should not remove it within an hour; It is the right time for the hairless areas to absorb all the proteins.


When you ask yourself how to grow eyebrows fast, there is nothing like castor oil or castor oil, a very powerful ingredient not only for this type of hair but also for eyelashes.
Prepare a mixture with a splash of castor oil and the same amount of coconut oil. Mix perfectly both ingredients and with your finger, or a cotton stick, spread over the areas where you need to grow hair. Be generous with the amount.
It is very important that all the oils you get are 100% organic, because only then will you know that their properties are intact.


Another of the most recommended oils for the growth of facial hair is the olive, rich in antioxidants and very gentle with the skin. In this remedy, you will prepare a kind of mask that gives you bushy eyebrows.
Mix a splash of olive oil with a little fresh and crushed avocado. Add a few drops of lemon juice and at night, spread this mixture along each eyebrow, covering it completely. Between ten and twenty minutes will be enough for it to take effect.
Lemon vitamins combined with those of avocado and oil antioxidants will do a super job at the time of framing your look.


Another oil that is talked about a lot when looking for quick eyebrows is almonds, which are well known for their Omega 3 content. This element is essential for the regeneration of skin, nails and, of course, hair.
Almond oil can be used alone or combined with any other essential ingredient; as it can be the coconut, the castor or the olive. Combine two or more of them with this in the same amounts, and let them do their magic for you.
TIP: When you apply a natural oil, it is good to heat it a little before spreading it on top of your hair or your skin.


Not many enjoy using garlic in their home remedies, but if you’re willing to try everything to show off goddess eyebrows, this ingredient will be one of the most effective you can try.
Crush a very thin garlic clove and combine it with little organic milk, until it forms a kind of paste. This will be the one that you place on your eyebrows in the same way as with the previous methods. Do not leave it for more than 20 minutes.

How To Grow Eyebrows With Garlic

Not many enjoy using garlic in their home remedies, but if you’re willing to try everything to show off goddess eyebrows, this ingredient will be one of the most effective you can try.

Crush a very thin garlic clove and combine it with little organic milk, until it forms a kind of paste. This will be the one that you place on your eyebrows in the same way as with the previous methods. Do not leave it for more than 20 minutes.

Tips To Grow Eyebrows

Other things that you should take into consideration so that your eyebrows are always high are the following:

  • Before shaving, better trim. If you have protruding hairs, it is best to comb them and cut with scissors the leftovers that escape to your natural form. That way you will conserve volume, and you will fight less.
  • Hydrate and eat well. The limited growth of hair, eyelashes or eyebrows is often due to poor eating habits and lack of water; so be careful.
  • Do an exfoliation once a week. Also in this part of the face, dead cells accumulate. Take a clean eyelash brush and rub it gently to remove all of them.
  • Say no to non-organic products. All ointments, waxes, gels, and others that contain oil or other ingredients of dubious reputation should not touch your eyebrows.
  • Do not use the tweezers as often. Once a week is more than enough to keep everything in order; even less. Before shaving, you should mark the shape of your eyebrows to avoid removing excess hair.