Not many enjoy using garlic in their home remedies, but if you’re willing to try everything to show off goddess eyebrows, this ingredient will be one of the most effective you can try.

Crush a very thin garlic clove and combine it with little organic milk, until it forms a kind of paste. This will be the one that you place on your eyebrows in the same way as with the previous methods. Do not leave it for more than 20 minutes.

Tips To Grow Eyebrows

Other things that you should take into consideration so that your eyebrows are always high are the following:

  • Before shaving, better trim. If you have protruding hairs, it is best to comb them and cut with scissors the leftovers that escape to your natural form. That way you will conserve volume, and you will fight less.
  • Hydrate and eat well. The limited growth of hair, eyelashes or eyebrows is often due to poor eating habits and lack of water; so be careful.
  • Do an exfoliation once a week. Also in this part of the face, dead cells accumulate. Take a clean eyelash brush and rub it gently to remove all of them.
  • Say no to non-organic products. All ointments, waxes, gels, and others that contain oil or other ingredients of dubious reputation should not touch your eyebrows.
  • Do not use the tweezers as often. Once a week is more than enough to keep everything in order; even less. Before shaving, you should mark the shape of your eyebrows to avoid removing excess hair.